AAVP is a proud partner with Dronifi. We offer Dronifi’s complete lineup of Drone software solutions, whether you’re using your drone for agriculture, real estate, construction, or simply capturing aerial imagery; Dronifi offers a solution to help you sell more flights, as well as help you with tedious tasks like image stitching and processing.

Below you can see a brief overview of Dronifi and what they have to offer. For more information on Dronifi’s products, including pricing, please shoot us an email: bruce@aavp.info

What is Dronifi?

Sell More Flights

Use Dronifi to send customized marketing materials, generate new flight business and manage your existing customer base.

Make Your Imagery Actionable

Drone service providers fly, Dronifi detects areas of interest and customers diagnose and solve the issue. It’s that simple.

Manage Your Data

Data stitching and analysis can be a hassle. Dronifi makes stitching and analysis easy.




Dronifi wants you to focus on flying, and they’ll handle the rest!



Send your raw or processed imagery to Dronifi



We quickly stitch and process your aerial imagery



We analyze and summarize your data findings


You Present to your client(s)!

We offer several platforms to view and interact with your aerial imagery, including:

  • Dronifi Ag

  • Dronifi Solar

  • Dronifi Golf

  • Dronifi CRE

  • Dronifi Construction

  • Dronifi Parks & Rec

  • Dronifi Real Estate